Central Bank Credit Support for Investments with Incentive Certificate

Development as an Investment Bank, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey welded 10-year maturity Estate Investment Contracted Advance Loan facility of 7.75% fixed rate "Investment Support" TL loan with a new priority sectors located development Economy Program will be supported by attractive credit terms. Except for exceptional and special investment projects, it is aimed that as many companies as possible can benefit from the loan limited to 400 million Turkish lira for each company. "Investment Support" TL loans in line with Turkey's sustainable development objectives; It focuses on strengthening investments that reduce imports and support exports, reduce foreign dependency and current account deficit, increase employment, and produce high productivity and added value.

Target sectors in the New Economy program also prioritized energy, energy efficiency, manufacturing, machinery, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment, computers, electronics, optics, automotive, Turkey, mainly tourism and mining's responding to the needs for the development of the sectors. The loan will be made available in TL and it is aimed to protect the “investors” against the distrust caused by the fluctuations in the exchange rate with TL assurance and fixed interest.

What are the Credit Terms?

It can be up to 10 years.

The loan will be used in TL.

The loan will be used for the financing of investments with Investment Incentive Certificate.

It will be available to companies that will invest in priority sectors.

A grace period of up to 24 months is offered, provided that the project is within the loan term in accordance with the cash needs.

What are the conditions for a loan?

The condition for eligibility for credit is to invest within the scope of an Investment Incentive Certificate. The loan will be used in TL and with a maximum term of 10 years.

What is the limit per firm?

The limit is 400 miles per firm. TL.

How will the collateral structure of the loan be?

Investments within the scope of this loan will be evaluated by the bank credit analysts and the guarantees deemed necessary for the financing of the investment will be requested from the investors by the bank.

Are there any priority sectors / activities? What are they?

Financing investments that reduce the foreign dependency and current account deficit of our country, create import substitution, contribute to localization, increase exports, create new jobs, and produce high productivity and added value will be a priority.